to become a Correctional Officer

Correctional Officer Careers

The Florida Department of Corrections offers rewarding correctional officer career opportunities. Becoming a correctional officer with FDC means you are joining a family of hardworking men and women who are dedicated to ensuring public safety throughout Florida. Once you join the FDC, there are many career advancement steps that progress from Correctional Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Colonel. From there management positions include Assistant Wardens and Wardens. Correctional Officers have the opportunity to join special teams such as Rapid Response Teams, Crisis Response Team, Interdiction Units, K-9 Units and many other special team opportunities.

Salary Information

  • Starting at $22/hr.
  • Annual salary additive of approximately $1,200 when employed in Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee, or St. Lucie counties.
  • Annual salary additive of approximately $2,500 when employed in Palm Beach, Broward, Dade or Monroe counties.
  • Annual uniform and shoe allowance of $325.00.
  • Criminal Justice Incentive Pay up to $1,560.00 annually ($130.00 per month)

Examples of Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise inmates.
  • Observe traffic in and around the compound.
  • Monitor, supervise and screen inmate visitor traffic.
  • Make periodic patrols of quarters and work areas.
  • Maintain proper security of inmates being transported.
  • Maintain knowledge of communication and other electronic equipment.
  • Maintain and demonstrate proficiency in the use and care of firearms, restraint methods and equipment and emergency measures.
  • Maintain a record of equipment, supplies and other items.
  • Check inmate mail for possible contraband.

Shift Schedule

The majority of institutions, annexes and work camps operate on 8.5 hour shifts.

Minimum Qualifications

In accordance with Florida Statute 943.13 and Florida Administrative Code 33-208.402, any person employed as a Florida Correctional Officer must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a citizen of the United States notwithstanding any laws of the State to the contrary.
  • Be a high school graduate or its “equivalent”.
  • Be able to pass a background investigation and not have been convicted of any felony or of a misdemeanor involving perjury or a false statement.
  • Be able to pass a medical examination.
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Must not have dishonorable characterization of military service.

Frequently Asked Questions


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The Florida Department of Corrections is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Certain veterans and spouses of veterans receive preference in employment by the state as provided by Chapter 295, Florida Statutes, and are encouraged to apply.